We only use natural elements in all of our facials leaving your skin radiant without harsh chemicals.

Your face is your business card and the first thing that people see when you meet them. You don’t want a dull appearance; YOU WANT TO GLOW. We’re here to help. We have high level facial treatments and facial peels that are free of harsh chemicals that can sometimes burn the skin or leave it feeling rough and chapped.

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Facials personalized to what you and your skin need the most.

We don’t like to get caught up in the facial name game. We book our facials by time slots making each service truly about you. Choose a 30, 60 or 75 min treatment time.

Most skin concerns fall into four different categories

Calm, Clarify, Hydration, and Rejuvenation.

We use a combination of enzymes, AHA’s, peptides, oxygen infusion, and hydro-dermabrasion to address each of those concerns.

Your Esthetician will consult with you to choose the best product and protocols as well as talk about home care to help extend the results of your facial at home.

Have More Questions?

Will getting a facial make me break out?
Most of the time getting a facial should not break you out. If you are getting a facial appropriate for your skin type you should not have a problem. The only exception is If you have congested skin or Acne and heavy extractions are performed the skin can purge underlying bacteria.
How long do the effect of a facial last?
One facial isn’t going to magically transform your skin long term. A healthy glow is imeadetly achieved and will last about 48 to 72 hours. The biggest changes in the skin happen with home care, your Esthetician will recommend products and advise you on how to extend the results of your facial and achieve your long term skin care goals.
Why Should I Get a Facial?

Think of your facial like a workout with a trainer. Facials increase blood flow to detoxify, tone and feed the skin within which results in a healthy glow.

Skin is properly prepared in a way that allows for safe extractions.Professional exfoliation smooths and increases the skins ability to retain hydration.


30 min - $65

For a glow on the go, this quick pick me up includes cleansing, exfoliation for your skin type mask and serum.

Great for pre/post travel or an event.


60 min - $85

Press reset with a more in depth facial. Our Esthetician will work with you to choose treatments that will best benefit your skin’s needs. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, treatment masks, face neck and shoulder massage.

Great for deep cleansing, monthly maintenance, skin reset.


75 min - $100

This facial has it all, as with our other facials it is completely customized to benefit your skin type. More time can be devoted to targeting specific concerns like extractions. Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, hand and arm massage, facial neck and shoulder massage and treatment masks.

Great for extra extractions, Relaxation, all skin types.

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